A MUCH-loved family dog is enjoying a gentle fireside recovery after going missing for 10 days on the Preseli Hills.

Hundreds of people helped search the snow-capped hills for Welsh collie Red when she went missing on December 28. Holidaymaker Jon Griffiths and his partner Sarah discovered 14-year-old Red still wearing her high-vis jacket near Foel Feddau.

The little jacket, which had only been bought just before Christmas by her owner Elspeth Thompson, may have provided the extra layer that helped keep her alive.

“She had gone into starvation mode but luckily was not dehydrated so must have found a source of water,” said Elspeth.

Elspeth, along with the rest of her family in Woodstock – husband Richard and children Finn and Caitlin – have all expressed “huge thanks” to the Dog Friendly Pembrokeshire Facebook page and all those who helped search and share the message.

“They have been phenomenal,” she said. “They put up posters and laminated them - all the ones we put up had blown down. People with drones even got in touch to help but they couldn’t fly due to the bad weather.

"It’s amazing to have that sort of response, I think the people of Pembrokeshire are just amazing. They are so kind-hearted, and we have been truly overwhelmed.”

She added: “I just get so emotional, I just can’t believe she’s back. Every time I look at her I just cry. The kids have grown up with her, they have always had Red in their life. She’s a massive part of our family. I think she was meant to be found.”

In an update online for all those asking after Red, Elspeth said: "She has had lots of rest in her warm cosy bed and is enjoying being near the fire!

"She is terribly thin and very stiff so moving about has been difficult for her. She has been eating little and often as recommended by our vet and Richard is being kept busy cooking tempting recipes to help build her strength back up.

“Red hasn’t been left without company since coming home, as we want her to feel secure, at night she has the radio on, she likes classic FM and during the day Radio 4 (she has caught up with The Archers).”