LOCAL walkers who reached the top of Cadair Idris as part of a fund-raising effort over the Christmas holiday have so far raised around £1,500 for the British Heart Foundation.

Branwen Davies of Llandysul, her sister Rhiannedd and 20 other friends reached the snowy peak on December 30 in the company of guide company SVL Adventures.

This wasn’t only a personal challenge for Branwen, it was also to remember her father Bryan Pantygog, who on Boxing Day 1992, along with Branwen and his cousin walked Cadair Idris.

Four days later, Bryan died suddenly of a heart attack as he and Branwen were finishing a run.

“I haven't climbed Cadair Idris since that day and so, 25 years on decided it was time to walk it again,” said mum-of-two Branwen.

“Along with a group of supportive friends, we walked on December 30, the date on which my father died - and coincidentally also the date on which my grandfather passed away, also of a heart attack, some years earlier.”

The walkers ranged from teenagers to 70-something and included Alan Jones, Branwen’s father's cousin who had walked with them back in 1992.

“A friend from school who I had not seen since leaving school in 1992 and who now lives in Australia who had also lost his father to a heart attack also joined us,” said Branwen.

“We had the company of old university friends, family friends, work friends and horsey friends. My sister Rhiannedd - I think this was her first ever mountain walk - made it too.

“It was very windy but stayed mainly dry and the clouds cleared at the top and revealed a view including the estuary. But 10 minutes later we started the descent in fog and it stayed with us until we were back down at the lake.

“A few had falls on the way back down but everyone finished in one piece. I am extremely grateful to all those who joined me, the ones who wanted to but couldn't, all who sponsored us and to SVL who really did make it possible.”