Pembrokeshire’s Mobile Library service is set to change this autumn.

A new ‘Library at Home’ Service will be launched for people who cannot get to a library building or a mobile library stop.

The bespoke service will start on November 3, and will be delivered every four weeks.

Cllr Elwyn Morse, Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport and Leisure, welcomed the new scheme, saying: “This is an important service for some of our most vulnerable and housebound customers.”

Meanwhile, a new timetable and schedule of stops for the Mobile Library Service itself will commence from October 6.

The service will deliver to a smaller number of stops but for a longer period at each location and will include free internet access provision to rural communities.

“The former mobile fleet stopped at 181 locations throughout the county and in some cases was serving just one user,” said Cllr Morse.

“We have decided to operate a more focused mobile library service to attend to around 50 stops.

“The new mobile vehicle will also make visits less regularly than now – every four weeks rather than every three weeks, which was one of the suggestions made by customers during the consultation process.

“Under these very difficult financial circumstances, we are pleased that we have been able to: retain a Mobile Service; introduce a new home delivery service to the most vulnerable, and generate savings for the public purse at the same time.”

Users will have their last visit on the current timetable between September 9 and 25, with the new timetable starting on October 6.

A timetable with details of the new stops, dates and times has been sent to everyone who currently uses the service, and is available by contacting the Library Service on 01437 775241.

The changes to the Mobile Library service were agreed by the Council’s Cabinet in April, following consultation with users earlier this year.