A Cardigan father-of-two smashed through a window before assaulting a man later the same evening, a court has heard.

David Clark, aged 24, of 61 Bro Teifi, pleaded guilty to criminal damage and assault by beating, when he appeared before Aberystwyth magistrates on Wednesday.

The case was originally listed for trial on Thursday, which was vacated after Clark changed his plea.

Catrin Jenkins, prosecuting, told the court a witness heard Clark, who was drunk, shouting and banging on doors in Cardigan on May 10. He was then seen hitting the large window of J Nails, and kicking it before falling over.

Miss Jenkins said: “He got up and ran at the window, which broke and shattered around him. The witness went to help him, but he got up and walked away.”

Later that evening, Gavin Carter was outside a Cardigan takeaway when the defendant ‘came out of no-where’, pushed him to the floor and started hitting and kicking him.

He was taken to Glangwili hospital for treatment, and his glasses were broken.

Clark was arrested, but could not remember much about the incidents due to his intoxication.

Alan Lewis, defending, said his client was ‘deeply ashamed’ of his actions.

He added: “He was terrified by the incident because he could not remember it.

“He is horrified by his behaviour and he has not drunk since. He is genuinely remorseful.

Mr Lewis said Clark had slept rough the night following the incident, and woke to find his legs in the river.

Following a report from the probation service, magistrates imposed a 12 month community order, with supervision and an activity requirement, plus 100 hours unpaid work.

Clark was also ordered to pay £75 compensation to the victim for his injuries, £69 for the broken glasses, £100 court costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

The presiding magistrate said: “Kicking someone on the ground is totally unacceptable. You need to take a good look at yourself and sort yourself out.”