Police are appealing to the public, and young people in particular, to consider others while on local beaches this summer.

Officers have been patrolling beach gatherings at various locations, and alcohol has been seized from a number of underage young people.

There have also been a number of complaints from residents and people staying in areas near beaches of anti-social behaviour, for example loud music being played.

Temporary Inspector Catrin Thomas said: "Our message is simple, we’re not here to spoil anybody’s fun, especially in the lovely weather we’ve been experiencing. But sometimes evening gatherings on our beaches can lead to antisocial behaviour and affect others negatively. Where that happens we will use our powers to ensure that it is dealt with and does not continue."

She added: "It is an offence for anyone under 18 to be in possession of alcohol and it will be seized from them by officers. Alcohol and water do not mix, and the obvious dangers of combining them are of great concern to us. Similarly drivers who use their vehicles on beaches in an antisocial manner and cause danger or alarm to others risk having their vehicles seized.”

Police will be patrolling local beaches over the summer on the lookout for anyone behaving in an antisocial manner but we also need the help of the public. Anyone who is a victim of, or witnesses anti-social behaviour, is asked to contact Dyfed-Powys Police on 101. In an emergency call 999.