A scheme which could see town centres tapping into £50k of funding has been criticised by a Ceredigion councillor.

Cllr Paul Hinge told this week's Cabinet meeting that the Welsh Assembly initiative had too tight a timescale.

Cardigan and Lampeter are the two towns being nominated by Ceredigion to bid for the Town Centre Partnership funding.

Meetings have been held between various town organisations in Cardigan to move the bid forward.

But Cllr Hinge said it was too "rushed".

"I find it extremely frustrating that we continue to see these rushed schemes from the Welsh Assembly Government to local government. It is mindnumbing to get the work done on time. Surely the Assembly has a forward work programme and can give us more notice."

The two towns have had just over a month to put bids together - which includes accessing matchfunding - and the deadline was extended by an extra week.

Council leader Cllr Ellen ap Gwynn agreed the timescale was tight.

"They have hardly given us a month. I will take the message back to the Assembly when I have the opportunity," she said.