Local youths may not have the stamina for a full Llandysul Community Council meeting, councillors have warned.

The council is hoping to promote youth engagement with their work, by appointing community youth representatives, aged 15 to 26, and plan to write to relevant local groups about the initiative.

Cllr Tom Cowcher said: “The can come with an open agenda, with what they want to address, and be here for 10 to 15 minutes at the start of the meeting to share things with us.”

He added that the youth representatives might be put off the idea if they had to sit through an entire council meeting.

“It’s going to be about interaction and a sense of belonging.”

Cllr Andrew Howell said: “This could change public perception of the council, because people look at it and think – what a load of old fogies.”

Cllr Wynne Evans suggested that the appointed youngsters should have an input on all agenda items at meetings, but Cllr Philippa Davies warned against ‘pushing them in the deep end’.

Cllr Carolyn Reed-Rees added: “It’s a bit like church really, if you sit through a long sermon it might put you off.”