Mike Parker, Plaid Cymru’s Westminster candidate for Ceredigion, has declared his opposition to the exploitation of unconventional gas in an event held at Aberystwyth bandstand as part of Friends of the Earth’s campaigning day against fracking.

The event, organized by Anti-Fracking West and Mid-Wales, called on the Welsh First Minister to declare a Moratorium on Fracking in Wales.

Plaid’s MP candidate for Ceredigion, Mike Parker said,

“It was great to see such a lively event and enthusiastic response to the Friends of the Earth’s day of campaigning against fracking. With bands, speakers and all kinds of local performers, Aberystwyth prom was humming!

“There are clear environmental concerns with fracking, such as contamination of the water table, methane leakage and earthquakes, as we saw off the coast of Lancashire when drilling began there.

"Meanwhile, once again, Wales will not benefit financially from our natural resources as there will be limited jobs created and profits sent elsewhere.

"The solution to concerns about our future energy security is to invest in energy efficiency to reduce energy use and cut bills and to generate more renewable energy through Wales’ substantial hydro and tidal power opportunities.

"Despite widespread public opposition to fracking, the UK Government continues to push shale gas and fracking as an answer to our energy security problems, while the Welsh Government stays silent rather than standing up for Wales against this ‘dash for dirty gas’.”