Officers working in Brecon and Carmarthenshire have been issued with the latest in handheld devices so they can access information, Force systems and undertake various processes in a step toward mobile digital policing.

Officers working in Brecon and Carmarthen are using the Samsung Galaxy 3 Note for a two months pilot, before they are rolled out to officers working throughout the Force.

Officers can access information on the Force command and control and crime systems and the Police National Computer. They will be able to log information; issue fixed penalty notices and various traffic offences as well as being able to record crime and incidents of domestic abuse.

Chief Constable Simon Prince said, “The benefits of officers having access to systems and information whilst out on patrol are clear. Being able to complete tasks once that synchronise with Force systems will save time, effort and avoid entering information twice.

“Officers will not be in stations at computers, they will be out and visible in our communities. Mobile digital policing is a key part of our wider Police and Crime Plan where we are changing the way we work in order to put the public first.”

PC Ben Aston who works in Carmarthen is one the of officers who has been part of the development and testing team, he said, “This is easily the most significant development I have seen for those working on the front line since I joined seven years ago.

“The device will reduce the amount of time duplicating data on different paper forms for different departments and push information from the front line straight to the back office in real time and without delay. While we are on the streets we have the ability to access and share information and intelligence assets that we would usually need to travel back to the police stations to access or request through a third person.

“The most exciting part of the project is that it will continuously develop. We have already come up with new ideas and future uses for the device which will enable us to carry out our roles more efficiently.”