A mother accused of feeding her son only on vegetables and oats has seen neglect and cruelty charges dropped after a judge heard he did not want to give evidence against her.

The woman, aged 49 and from near Lampeter, had been due to stand trial at Swansea crown court on Tuesday.

A few days earlier a judge had been told the prosecution was in difficulty because it was feared the boy, now aged 15, who would have been the main witness against her, did not want to appear in court.

On Monday, Stephen Rees, prosecuting, said he had had the chance to talk to the boy himself and the situation had now become clearer.

“The son has told me he has no desire to assist me in securing the conviction of his mother,” he said.

Mr Rees said he had also been told that the relationship between mother and son appeared to be improving.

In the light of those two developments, he added, the prosecution no longer wished to proceed with the case and offered no evidence against her.

Judge Huw Davies recorded formal verdicts of not guilty.

The accusations had also included making him sleep on cardboard sheets on a wooden floor.

Judge Davies said it was “good to hear” the mother, who cannot be identified, could soon be with her son again.