A Cardigan army cadet was recently awarded the St John’s Young First Aider of the year award.

Tommy Owen, a L/Cpl at G (Welsh Guards) Company Army Cadet Force based at Cardigan detachment, put his first aid training he received as a cadet into action whilst at annual camp last August.

L/Cpl Owen saw that another cadet was having difficulty breathing and saved the cadets life by administrating vital back blows to dislodge food that was stuck in the cadets throat and due to his fast reactions the cadet fully recovered from his ordeal.

L/Cpl Owen said: “I would advise anyone to attend a local first aid course and get a qualification in First Aid because it's something that you'll never know when you may need it and I'm glad I've done it and thanks to my training as an Army Cadet it helped me save another person’s life.”

Anyone aged between 12 and 18 who would like more information on joining the Army Cadet Force can visit www.armycadets.com/county/dyfed-and-glamorgan-acf or www.facebook.com/DyfedandGlamorganACF to locate your local detachment or contact Dave Davies G (Welsh Guards) Company Cadet Administrative Assistant on 01570 422714 for further details.