A 137-page report by Natural Resources Wales had come up with more than 40 recommendations in the wake of January's storms and flooding that hit the Ceredigion coast.

"To be fair this report has been done very quickly and all the issues involved are a huge undertaking," Cllr Alun Williams told this week's Ceredigion Cabinet meeting.

"There is no funding timetable and difficult funding decisions will have to be taken," he said.

The report suggests six borad areas for improvement including sustained investment in coastal flood and erosion risk, improved information and more support to communties to help them become more self suficient plus locally developed and delivered plans.

A Ceredigion flood action group is planning to visit Cardigan this summer as well as other flood-hit areas in the county.

Group member Cllr John Lumley said: "We are all happy with the action that was taken during the floods, but the focus has to be on before and after."

Cllr Williams added: "This is basically a scoping document. A lot more thought and consideration will be given to this important issue in the months and years to come."

* According to a table published by the report, Cardigan had the highest number of homeowners to suffer during the floods.

A total of 30 properties were affected in Cardigan, 23 properties - mainly basement flats - in Aberystywth and seven homes in Aberaeron.