Police are investigating the theft and attempted theft of bicycles in the Fishguard and Dinas areas. Residents are urged to check the security of their outbuildings to ensure the safety of their property, in particular bicycles. We also advise that residents ensure their bikes are branded with their postcode or similar details with a UV property marker and ensure items are locked away securely. Any potential buyers of bicycles are also advised to check the authenticity of any seller, and ask for receipts of purchase or related documentation if possible to ensure bikes are genuine.

PC Liz Jenkins said: “We are asking homeowners to do their part in keeping their belingings safe. Make sure your locks and hinges are substantial and of good quality, and think about installing some motion sensitive lights around your outbuildings and place noisy gravel around them. It’s a good idea to take photographs of the items you have stored in your outbuildings as well as marking them with a UV property marker. Remember to call us immediately on 101 if you see anything suspicious.”