A Cardigan man stole a local pub’s signs then wrote a ‘threatening’ letter to the landlord, a court heard last week.

Piers Andrew Garner, aged 51, of Minafon, 2 Bridge Street, pleaded guilty to the theft of advertising signs belonging to the Red Lion Inn, when he appeared before Ceredigion magistrates on Wednesday.

Ellie Morgan, prosecuting, told the court that the Red Lion’s landlord noticed wooden display signs had been stolen from outside the pub on February 16.

Following the theft a hand-written note was received at the pub, stating: “Dear John, don’t you dare cross me again.” Signed Piers.

CCTV showed a man removing the signs, and Garner was arrested after admitting to police he had taken them and thrown them in the river.

During a police interview Garner said his actions had been a ‘moment of madness’ and an extreme reaction after a couple of drinks.

Miss Morgan added: “He said he couldn’t remember writing the note, he said he must have been trying to threaten them, ‘but god knows why’.”

Alison Mathias, defending, told the court her client was currently subject to an 18 week suspended sentence, and suffered from mental health issues.

Magistrates adjourned sentencing until April 23, for a physiatrist’s report to be completed.