A painting commissioned to depict the everyday life of Drefach-Felindre, past and present, will be unveiled and presented to the Community in a special evening at the village hall on Friday April 4th at 7pm.

The large painting by the well known artist Meirion Jones of Cardigan shows the variable aspects of the rich heritage of the community with the woollen and farming industry, the wide cultural scene and local and well known characters portraying only part of this valuable work.

The artist Meirion Jones added -

“It is worth emphasising that the painting is an interpretation of the many conversations I had with local people. As it is a public piece of work I sincerely hope that its colourful and rhythmic element will be enjoyed by everyone as they view well known local characters and buildings. And for those who wish to study and analyse painting I hope that the symbolism and shapes are evident.”

He added, “ There is an ‘Under Milk Wood’ atmosphere about this painting as it links the past and present through its historical characters, the ordinary worker in his hamlet and the upper class in his mansion.”

Stephen Jones the Chair of the ‘Stori Fawr’ (The Great Story) committee stated that the painting would be on permanent display at the National Woollen Museum in the village where a community exhibition would also be a feature.

He added, “The co-operation of the Museum has been a key factor in developing this community project and the painting will be the centrepiece of the local history collection which will become live on the internet in the near future.”

The painting will be unveiled on the evening by Mr Alwyn Davies who has contributed to so many aspects of the community throughout his life in the village. This will be followed by the artist Meirion Jones explaining the content of his work where many local friends will join him to present the story behind some of the scenes and the various characters.

Penboyr School Choir will open the evening and at the end everyone present will be able to view the painting and enjoy light refreshments.

The artist and the committee will also display various sizes of framed copies of the paintings which will be suitable to display at home. These can be ordered on the evening or through Olive Campden on (01559 370302

There is an open invitation for people from near and far to attend the event as it will be an unique occasion in the history of Drefach-Felindre.