Mid and West AM Simon Thomas says and investigation has revealed a long term threat to Withybush A&E, after changes in paediatric care to a 12 hour service.

Paediatric care has been downgraded at a Withybush Hospital, the local health board has confirmed, and the 24-hour unit at Withybush Hospital will be cut to 12 hours, with a 24-hour service available at Glangwili hospital.

Mr Thomas said: “The decision to downgrade paediatrics to 12 hour is a threat to the future of A&E at Withybush Hospital because it will not meet College of Emergency Medicine guidelines.

“The management of Hywel Dda is not being honest when they say that there won’t be any significant changes in the future to A&E. I questioned the First Minister on this issue in the Senedd. He refused to give his personal commitment for health services in Pembrokeshire. He just said the health board ‘intended’ to keep A&E services at Withybush.

“The Party of Wales is very concerned about safety without 24 hours paediatrics at Withybush."