Ceredigion has been urged to forget partnerships with Powys and look south towards Pembrokeshire.

Cl.lr Lyndon Lloyd told this week's Cabinet meeting that when the formation of Dyfed was announced in the early 1970s, the first thing Cardiganshire councillors did was head for discussions in Carmarthen.

Ceredigion has forged links with neighbouring Powys in social services and education - but last week's Williams Commission report saw the county merging with Pembrokeshire and possibly Carmarthenshire.

"Why develop links with Powys?" asked Cllr Lloyd.

"Powys is going to stand on its own. Would it not be wise to change our focus to Pembrokeshire rather than waste resources and time in Powys."

Council leader Cllr Ellen ap Gwynn said that she and the chief executive had already met twice with their counterparts in Pembrokeshire.

"We will have to relook at a lot of partnerships," she said.