Ceredigion’s Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams has welcomed the signing of the Community Covenant by Ceredigion County Council, a huge achievement for the wellbeing of veterans in Ceredigion.


Commenting on the Community Covenant, Mark Williams said:


‘This is great news for Ceredigion’s veterans.  Having carried out a great deal of work into this issue, both in Westminster as part of my role on the Welsh Affairs Select Committee, and independently in Wales, I am so pleased with the progress made in Ceredigion, setting an example of our commitment to those in our communities who are more vulnerable.


As Mark Williams stated when questioning the Minister of State for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans in a Select Committee evidence session in October of last year, there are different approaches being taken in each area in the drafting of their community covenant.  This is entirely appropriate, as each area will have different local needs, however methods of good practice should be identified and championed, such as that of Ceredigion, in being one of the Local Authorities ahead of the majority in Wales and the UK in signing up to a community covenant.


Speaking following the signing, Mark Williams said;


‘I commend the Officers and Councillors in Ceredigion County Council for the work they have put into this.  At the conference I attended in Penmorfa in October of last year at which we discussed Ceredigion’s Community Covenant, there was a consensus from all sides about how important it is to make swift progress with the Covenant.  Having contacted every Local Authority in Wales about their progress on this issue, I am pleased that in Ceredigion we have a Local Authority who is working hard to make this happen for our veterans who we owe so much.


‘This united approached is what is needed for the effects of the guidance and legislation put in place by the Westminster Government and the Assembly, to filter down and benefit veterans in our communities.  In Ceredigion, we can be proud of what has been achieved, and can test the success of the Covenant on the satisfaction of the veterans in Ceredigion which it seeks to protect.’