May I through your letters column thank the electors of the Llandyfriog Ward for their support on being re elected, as their Member on Ceredigion County Council.

It is an honour that I respect and cherish, to represent all of you again for a new term in office.

On reflecting on the election campaign however, I wish to express not only my concern but a sheer disgust, of the manner that Welsh Conservatives have treated the electors of this Ward , amongst others in Ceredigion, with total contempt, from the poll candidate nomination closing date to the election day itself .

As the sitting member I at least expected an effort to be made by my opponent to produce a leaflet , a door to door canvass , a presence at some point and a courtesy visit on polling day to the booths in Adpar and Penrhiwllan respectively .

Since none of this materialised , it leaves a grave question mark, as to the motive in putting up a candidate at no mean cost to the ratepayers, in this period of austerity , when we are all expected to tighten our belts for the common good .

For the record there were extra costs incurred this time in Adpar, with the installation of a portakabin for polling day that could have been averted , since it became clear that the Welsh Conservatives had no intention of any effort to contest the campaign.

I believe that we are justified to expect an apology , or at the least an explanation by those responsible for proposing a candidate , that by her absence has shown an utter disrespect for the democratic system , as well as to all the electors of Llandyfriog.

Towyn Evans, Plaid Cymru Councillor Llandyfriog Ward .