Welcome to an audience with local megalithic researcher Robin Heath announcing a major new discovery in West Wales in an afternoon packed with exciting new material and reference, at Small World Theatre, Cardigan on Sunday 22 June, 2pm.

Stonehenge is a prehistoric temple. Despite the best efforts of archaeologists over four centuries this iconic monument has so far eluded every attempt to explain the big question: What was its purpose and why was it built? For the past 30 years researcher, presenter and internationally published author Robin Heath has been looking for an answer and now claims to have found it just a few miles from Cardigan.

In an event filled with photos, models, excitement and humour, Robin will take you on a timeline from 3150 BC to the present. You will be transported from Stonehenge to Preseli, and hear exactly why the Preseli region of West Wales was so important to the builders of Stonehenge. Robin invites lively discussion and debate within the Q&A session after the presentation.

Robin intends that this event will bring a new era in our understanding of Stonehenge’s origins – why it is located where it is and its prime function. Each member of the audience will receive a limited edition, fully illustrated and signed copy of his report detailing the locations, the history and the recent context of research into Stonehenge. You will ask ‘how could we have ever thought it was built by savages?’

Its possible to book your £4 tickets in advance for this lively event by visiting smallworld.org.uk.