An exhibition entitled ‘Inside Out’ featuring local artists is opening in

Oriel Q – Queens Hall Gallery Narberth on Saturday 17th May and runs until 28th June.

Three artists, Helen Gillam, Jane Harrison and Sam Vicary were invited by curator Lynne Crompton to show their work together. The joy of painting, the love of colour and mark making, and the superb sense of composition is the common thread between these artists. The struggle to express ideas or memories or experiences from within onto a two dimensional surface led us to the title ’Inside Out’.

Helen‘s work originates from drawings of the brain and nervous systems and plays with scale, line and colour until new interpretations are reached. ‘The intention of the work is to illustrate difference between vision and perception and to communicate a sense of playful knowingness about the ever-shifting thing we call reality.’

Jane’s abstract compositions have resulted from her passionate relationship with nature. ‘Colour, mark making and the physicality of the painted surface are the most important elements of my work. For me painting is a means to an end, it is to produce an object in the world rather than a painting of the world.’

Sam’s paintings have evolved from observed drawings of her environment and immediate experience, loosely based around’ the garden’ and an attempt to impose formal order and structure onto the natural world. ‘I paint intuitively and build my canvases around the principle subject. I am interested in the paint material and its fluidity, carefully planning colour and creating tension on the surface of the canvas or board.’

The exhibition is a celebration of painting; the sensuality, the poignancy and the wit that these three artists convey through their different interpretations of the inner and outer world allow the viewer to ‘knowingly experience how paint and paper mysteriously become transformed by the human mind.’

The exhibition is open Wednesday to Saturday 10 am – 5pm.

Also on the stairs are photographs by Patrick Boothman of his pyrographic designs on sawboards and surfboards.