Oriel Q, Narberth, presents Geraint Evans’ exhibition: Landscapes of First World Problems.

The exhibition examines the contemporary survival strategies of those living in the first world.

He considers both the turmoil and the banality of these circumstances using large scale drawings, prints and installation. This work is the culmination of three years spent examining contemporary life on the fringes of the urban landscape. The work urges the viewer to participate in dialogues and promotes engagement with some of the social issues affecting a post religious, post financial crash Britain.

Geraint said: “In its simplest form, the work depicts the tradition of people and place... Obviously I choose the people and the places, that’s my privilege as an artist. I’m drawn to those on the fringes of society; those in poverty, the immigrant trolley vendor in ‘Totem’ for example –It’s the survival strategies I’m interested in.

“‘Totem’ contrasts the garish face of western pop consumer culture with the realities of life at the bottom in all its irony and hypocrisy. He works all day selling grinning cartoon inflatables and diamante phone covers with FML on them. I want to challenge our daily wants and problems putting them into a greater context.”

This exhibition transfers the underlying ailments of the typically urban condition to the rural heart of Pembrokeshire for exploration and contemplation.

The exhibition runs until March 29. Also exhibiting on the stairs is photography by Chris Rees. Superb black and white portraits of characters in their surroundings, shopkeepers in some quirky establishments in Pembrokeshire.