A new limited-edition flavour of Prime Hydration has been revealed by founder and creator Logan Paul which will soon be available in the UK. 

Prime Hydration already comes in a variety of different flavours in the UK including Lemon Lime, Meta Moon, Ice Pop and Tropical Punch.

Some of the more recent flavours include Lemonade and the ultra-rare Glowberry Prime.

Cheery Freeze is the newest addition to the Prime Hydration range in the UK following its launch in January (2024).

New Prime Hydration drink revealed

Another new flavour of Prime Hydration has now been revealed which is set to be available in the UK in the coming weeks. 

Paul - who founded and created Prime along with KSI - posted a picture on Prime's UK X (formerly Twitter) account on Sunday (February 25) alongside UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) president Dana White. 

The pair were holding a bottle of the new Prime Hydration UFC 300.

The bottle is black with gold writing, but a flavour for the new drink is yet to be revealed.

Fans took to social media to share their excitement about news of the latest addition to the Prime range

One user on X said: "Let's gooo, can't wait to add it to my collection."

Another added: "Awesome!!! Where can we buy it?"

While a third excited fan commented: "Huge W."


When will the limited edition UFC 300 Prime Hydration be available in the UK?

An official launch date for the limited edition UFC 300 Prime Hydration in the UK is yet to be confirmed by Paul and KSI.

However, online stores including the likes of CandyMail.co.uk and King's Candy have bottles of the new Prime available to pre-order with stock set to be available mid-end of March according to the websites.

A 500ml bottle of the UFC 300 Prime is advertised on these sites at £12.99 (at the time of publication).