The latest Prime Hydration drink - Cherry Freeze was released in the UK earlier this month (January) and fans have been searching far and wide for a bottle of the new "rare" Prime.

Prime Hydration already comes in a variety of different flavours including Lemon Lime, Meta Moon, Ice Pop and Tropical Punch.

Some of the more recent additions are Lemonade and the ultra-rare Glowberry Prime.

Prime has now even released Hydration+ powder.

But earlier this month (January) Prime founders/creators KSI and Logan Paul launched the latest flavour in the hydration drink range in the UK - Cherry Freeze.

When was Cherry Freeze Prime released in the UK?

The new Cherry Freeze Prime was released in the UK on January 3, 2024. 

This came a few weeks after its release in the US, which took place in December (2023).

Does Cherry Freeze Prime change colour?

The new Cherry Freeze Prime tastes like sweet cherry and vanilla. 

The Cherry Freeze bottle is a pink/red colour on the bottom and white towards the top. 

When cold liquid comes in contact with the white section of the bottle, it changes colour to blue (you can see an example below reposted on X - formerly Twitter - by the official DrinkPrime account).

Where to get Cherry Freeze Prime in the UK?

Currently (at the time of publication), the new Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration is not available on the official Prime UK website.

There is an option to "notify me when available" where people can enter their contact details to receive a notification when Cherry Freeze Prime is back on stock on the website.

In the meantime Cherry Freeze Prime is available in various stores across the UK.

You can use the "where to buy" section on the Prime website, which will tell you stores near you where you will be able to find the new Prime Hydration flavour.

Aldi became the first UK supermarket to sell the new Prime flavour earlier in January, just weeks after it had been released in the UK.

Cherry Freeze and Lemonade Prime were available as part of Aldi's Specialbuys on January 14.

Since then Cherry Freeze Prime has begun appearing in stores and supermarkets all over the UK.

Tivyside Advertiser: Aldi was the first supermarket in the UK to sell Cherry Freeze Prime.Aldi was the first supermarket in the UK to sell Cherry Freeze Prime. (Image: Patrick Glover)

Stores listed on the "where to buy" section of the Prime website include the likes of Asda, Sainsbury's, Home Bargains, GAME and SPAR. 

Petrol stations including BP and Shell are also said to be stocking the new Cherry Freeze Prime.

A member of the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK took to the page on Tuesday (January 23) to reveal they had spotted Cheery Freeze Prime in their local Home Bargains.

Fellow members then began commenting on other places they had seen the new Prime flavour available across the UK. 

As well as the locations mentioned above members of the bargains Facebook group said they had seen Cherry Freeze Prime in locations including:

  • Iceland
  • B&M
  • Morrisons
  • One Stop

Availability will vary from store to store depending on location.