A regional investment plan for Mid Wales is being prepared for submission to UK Government for funding from its shared prosperity fund.

Ceredigion County Council’s cabinet signed off the latest paper outlining the draft investment plan for the region which includes both Ceredigion and Powys local authorities.

Ceredigion potentially has access to more than £12million in core funding over the next three years and £2.5million of multiply funding, a report to cabinet indicates, with around £22million and £4.7million allocated for Powys, as set by UK Government.

“The Regional Investment Plan for Mid Wales is a strategic document that sets out high level ambitions which identifies the outcomes that the region seeks to achieve and the interventions it wishes to prioritise. These high level ambitions can be refined and modified as the programme progresses,” the report  states.


Some of the 53 interventions to be included are improvements to town centres and high streets, community infrastructure improvements, local renewable energy generation, support for local arts, culture, heritage and creative activities, as well as support for business, transport, employment and upskilling.

Distribution of funds across the priority themes is likely to be 40 per cent for communities and place, 40 per cent supporting local business, and people and skills 20 per cent.

Ceredigion is the lead authority for the scheme and exact delivery arrangements will be finalised via delegated authority to officers, and subject to arrangement with Powys County Council.