Newcastle Emlyn's women's team recently played host to Radnor in Crymych for their second clash this season.

A moment of silence was observed in memory of Llyr Davies, a closely connected figure to the club.

Demanding weather conditions presented an additional challenge to both teams, adding to the competitive intensity of the game.

From the start, Emlyn displayed their fighting spirit by displaying effort in attacking and coming very near the attacking circle.

Dealing with key playmakers from the opponent team posed a challenge initially, but it didn't take long for the players to fine-tune their strategies.

The initial adaptation period, however, paved way for Radnor to take charge and control the possession.

Stepping up to the challenge, Elen Hill, Alaw Elisa, and Mel Williams stuck to Radnor's midfielders, presenting themselves as formidable opponents.

As a firm defensive wall, Ellie Lloyd, Sioned Davies, Lois Davies, and Caryl-Haf Lloyd contributed significantly by regularly clearing the ball to the midfielders.

Having regained their possession, Radnor took the lead with the first goal.

Fuelled by this initial victory, the team continued to push Emlyn's defence into the corner.

After finding a foot in the attacking circle, a penalty corner was awarded to Radnor.

Despite Emlyn's robust defence, a member of Radnor scored on a rebound, turning the score 0-2 by halftime.

Emlyn's strategy post-interval involved more tactical positioning involving Rosie Hughes and Sioned Fflur on the wings.

Sara Patterson used her reverse stick tactics while Elen Hill played alongside Enfys Davies, who succeeded in taking the ball through and scoring.

Driven to push the point tally, Efa Jones used agility to support Williams in crossing the ball with Davies getting the goal, levelling the score at 2-2.

The final quarter of the match saw a strategic shift as Carys Owen and Flo Plant retaliated, making considerable yardage towards the goal.

However, a counter-strike from Radnor saw them launching an equal attack.

In a 1v1 face-off, Angharad Jenkins showcased exemplary skill to get rid of the ball.

Radnor piled on a period of pressure making Emlyn's defence work tirelessly and scored another goal securing their lead.

Central midfielder Izzy Yates left her mark by forcing opposition errors, but it wasn't enough to get another goal.

Ultimately, Radnor secured a 3-2 victory over the home team.

Celebrating persistence and tenacity, Ellie Lloyd earned the title Player of the Match for the second week.

The home team thanked match sponsors JE Rees, Dairy Partners, and Castle Architectural Design.

With hopes high, Emlyn's women gear up for their next encounter in Brecon, vying to secure victories in the last three matches of the league.