TEIFI driver James Williams continued his podium setting ways by winning the RX150 class in the Five Nations British Rallycross Championship at Mondello Park in Ireland.

Following a stunning second overall on the Jim Clark Rally – the second round of the British Rally Championship - Williams, 24, was invited to try his hand at another Motorsport UK discipline, as the organisers of the British Rallycross Championship offered-up a RX150 Buggy for the young British driver.

Rallycross was to be a completely new discipline for Williams to try his hand at, and along with getting to grips with his motorbike-powered rocket ship, James had to get accustomed to racing wheel-to-wheel with his fellow drivers on a half asphalt, half dirt circuit. 

The opening day saw a series of timed qualifying races – with the focus on recording the fastest race times throughout the heats – in order to secure a better position on the grid in the grand final.

Williams got off to a blistering start – snatching the lead of the Q1 race on the opening lap. Keeping his head down, the Newcastle Emlyn-based driver took an opening race win to get his BRX campaign off to a strong start.

Tivyside Advertiser: James in his RX150 BuggyJames in his RX150 Buggy

However in Q2, James quickly found out how tough Rallycross can be.

A stall off the start line dropped him down to the back of the pack.

Now trying to pick his passes, a fellow competitor gave him a small nudge, which spun the British Rally driver around on the slippery, wet surface.

Brushing himself off – James couldn’t find a way past his rivals in the closing stages, finishing in sixth.

Starting where you finish in the previous heat, the BRC star had to get his elbows out – something the Welshman isn’t used to doing in rallying.

A strong start off the line put Williams right into the hunt, making up two positions into the first corner.

In rallycross you have to be clinical with your passing, or use the slightly longer tactical ‘Joker Lap’ – which every driver must take once during the race - providing an undercutting opportunity.

Patience and punching in fastest lap times enabled Williams to leapfrog the third placed driver as he came out of the ‘Joker’ on the final lap.


The final for the RX150 buggies was to be a tantalising prospect.

Sitting in his front-row grid slot, the start and commitment into the first corner was going to be vital for a strong showing in the final race of the day.

A scorching start from the Hyundai Power Products driver enabled him to get into the first corner first, and some late braking enabled him to swoop into the lead.

Now out front, Williams had clear road and clear visibility as he chalked up the laps – setting rapid lap times – just a second off the top-flight Super Cars in another class.

With time on his side, James, carefully threaded his buggy through the slightly longer ‘Joker’ on the final lap to come out in front and seal his first rallycross final victory at his first attempt.

“I had an absolute blast at the weekend,” said an enthusiastic Williams.

“I have been involved in rallycross previously, running cars for other drivers, but I have never had a chance of giving it a go, but now I am kind of hooked!

“It’s completely unlike anything I have done previously as they (RX150 Buggies) are really wild, need a lot of commitment and patience – all at the same time.

"I loved giving the racing side of things, a try and that was another challenge, but with some good drivers around you in these things, it’s a lot of fun.

“I actually almost didn’t take my Joker! I was enjoying myself so much I almost forgot to take it. Thankfully I remembered – otherwise we wouldn’t have won!

“I want to say a big thank you to Ollie O' Donovan, the RX150 Team, Rockland Concrete and the British Rallycross Championship for having me.

"If there is another invite to get behind the wheel again, I am grabbing it with both hands.”

Tivyside Advertiser: James on the track during the rallyJames on the track during the rally