At a time when a number of clubs in the Costcutter Football League are experiencing difficulties putting out full teams week in and week out, the

league is facing another crisis with an acute shortage of referees.

With a number of referees at an age when considering retirement the numbers are dwindling and new, younger match officials are an urgent


It has become quite a task to provide referees for games in Division Two and it is feared it won't be long before the same applies to the First


In a plea for new referees to come forward long-serving Costcutter secretary Geraint Davies, who was himself a top match official, said: "Refereeing games is a very rewarding pastime and can lead to promotion with FIFA.

"The situation is of growing concern and unless we can recruit half a dozen or so new refs then we could be hard-pushed to cover games," he said.

Anyone interested in taking up the whistle, especially former players, is asked to contact Mr Davies on 01545 570150.