A campaign from Haverfordwest’s sheriff to brighten up the town has received support from Haverfordwest Town Council.

The Sheriff, Councillor Richard Blacklaw-Jones, requested support and funding from Haverfordwest Town Council (HTC) for his ‘paint the town’ project.

Cllr Blacklaw-Jones said he hopes to get started on the plan in Spring 2021.

The plan was split into five parts, starting with painting the ‘dingier’ areas of the town centre, subject to the property owner’s permission.

The second part would see the installation of two or three large floral art displays, probably in the large concrete troughs which are on the river’s edge below the former Boots.

Part three would see a small art trail of up to ten pictures installed in the town centre.

The fourth part would see Pembrokeshire County Council approached for permission to use the riverside flag poles by the library to hang specially made banners.

Finally, one of the town’s graffiti artists would be asks to produce pieces at suitable places in the town.

Cllr Blacklaw-Jones said: “All of the above are to be temporary, each lasting a few weeks and with a week or two between them. The timetable is hoped to run from March to September/October.

“I have started an application to Enhancing Pembrokeshire for grant funding of £1,500 and would ask that Haverfordwest Town Council give £500 from remaining funds in Town Improvements 2020/21 budget.

“This money plus the time of HTC staff in supporting admin for the project, will be HTC’s match funding to the application.

“Consultation to show support for the project will be needed and I intend to use HTC’s existing Survey Monkey capacity via Council’s social media account.”

Cllr Blacklaw-Jones added: “If successful, the grant will support something which will reflect well upon HTC and will hopefully succeed in brightening the town up and cheering its inhabitants.

“God knows after this year we need it.”

It was agreed to support the Enhancing Pembrokeshire grant application and give £500 support from the Town Improvement budget.