A GROUP of four Milford Haven people are facing an anxious and uncertain future, trapped in western Australia during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Brandon Cooper, his friend Ryan Mansell, his brother Jack Cooper, and his girlfriend Miyah Periam are currently stuck in Perth, and fear they may not be able to get a flight back home.

Brandon said: “Myself, my brother, my brother’s girlfriend, and my best mate are stuck in Perth and cannot get home.

“We have accommodation for now, but money is really low as we’ve lost work and can’t afford rent and spent our remaining money on flights, which have got cancelled.

“We have been to the British embassy and they were not helpful at and turned us away. Other tourists were crying outside with their suitcases, not having anywhere to go.

“Me and Ryan are on a working holiday visa but have both been put out of jobs due to the virus, spent the last of our money on flights which got cancelled and cannot get jobs as no company/ farm are taking people on. Currently we have accommodation but cannot afford rent no more.

“My brother Jack Cooper and Miyah have been travelling in a camper van for a year and have sold it, as they had a flight home Friday, but now it has been cancelled, so now they have nowhere to stay, with their visa coming to an end.

“All flights are extremely priced, which we cannot afford, and others are getting cancelled because airports are closing, as well as airlines.

“It’s just really stressful how the trip hasn’t planned out as we thought it would; a bit of a rollercoaster really, as we thought we were coming home, and then the flight got cancelled, leaving us stranded.

“We aren’t the only ones from home or the UK in this position, just spread the word and get as much help to get us all home safe.”