A REWARD is being offered for the safe return of mother and daughter dogs who went walkabout from their home in Pembrokeshire 11 days ago.

Jack Russells Rosie, aged nine and two-year-old Phoebe ran off in Llawhaden on Saturday October 5.

The pair are experienced escapologists, but this is the first time they have been away from home for so long, said their worried owner, Sharon Davies.

"My husband Steve Rogers had been out, came through the door and they greeted him with big smiles, then the next thing they were off out across the back yard," she said. "Maybe they saw a rabbit, but they just went."

Rosie and Phoebe are well-known in the Llawhaden area for going off on outings together, but this is the first time they have been away for so long.

Added Sharon: "We've been out searching every day in all their known locations, and at the weekend there were a couple of dozen of us covering 12 miles in each direction, but there was just no sign.

"We are fearing that they may have been stolen, shot, or poisoned, because it's very strange that not even one of them has come back."

The couple and their three children are offering a 'generous' reward for the safe return of Rosie and Phoebe.

Anyone who has any information is asked to call Sharon on 07890 664847.