The countdown is on for major changes in what Pembrokeshire residents can recycle at home, and further information is beginning to be released.

Ahead of the roll-out – due to be November 4 – residents will receive detailed information about what can and can’t be recycled as the county council aims to meet Welsh Goverenment’s target of 70 per cent recycling by 2025.

Pembrokeshire currently recycles 61 per cent of its waste and risks fines if targets are not met.

Collection days may change so a calendar indicating when recycling will be picked up is included in the information to be sent out.

Households  will be given new recycling containers and bags for items which need to be sorted before collection, as well as specific ‘black bags’ for residual waste which will be collected every three weeks.

Larger households can apply for more of these bags and there is a separate absorbent hygiene and nappy collection for those that sign-up.

A Frequently Asked Questions page on Pembrokeshire County Council’s website outlines some of the new bags and boxes including a blue reusable sack for cardboard and card and blue box for paper.

There will likely be a red reusable sack for plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays (excluding black and brown plastic), food and beverage cartons and metal packaging.

Residents will continue to use a green caddie for food waste and a green box for glass bottles and jars with an additional clear bag for household batteries.

Recycling and food waste will be collected every week.

“Households will be able to put out a maximum of three PCC-provided standard size grey residual bags every three weeks. We will provide every household with 52 grey bags for the year,” the website states.

Cllr Joshua Beynon has previously said: “Everyone loves to throw their waste in a bag, have it taken away by the council and not think about it anymore but we all need to do more to recycle.

“At present, 40% of what goes in black bags is recyclable. That’s 40% of waste that could be reused which isn’t. 3 weeks at first glance doesn’t sound good, but on a weekly basis the council will still collect all recyclables, that’s plastics, glass, tins, paper, cardboard, food waste etc.

“If you make small changes and think about what should and shouldn’t go in your black bag then you will see a huge difference.”

More information is available at this week’s Pembrokeshire County Show.