MICHAEL Ashbridge was the after-lunch speaker for the Probus Club of Milford Haven and District’s second meeting at The Greens Restaurant at Milford Haven Golf Club.

Michael is a Celebrant with Humanists UK. He explained how Humanism is a positive and optimistic approach for life for those who live without a religious belief.

Humanists believe that through reason, experience and shared human values we can live good lives. This leads to Humanists taking full responsibility for their own actions – and inactions. An emphasis on compassion and empathy for others reflects the golden rule of do unto others as you would have done to yourself.

Michael went on to describe the work of the charity Humanists UK in training celebrants to lead naming ceremonies, marriage ceremonies and funerals – the worldwide hatch, match and despatch triad we are all familiar with in its various forms. A more recent development is the recognition of Humanist chaplains in hospitals, prisons and the armed services.

As a natural continuation of the Humanist principle of taking responsibility for one’s own actions, Humanists support choice at end of life. Consequently, Humanists UK supports the campaign to legalise assisted dying and in April 2019, helped establish the Assisted Dying Coalition, the national coalition working for assisted dying.

More information can be found at humanism.org.ukPotential Probus members are welcome to contact the club secretary at milfordhavenprobusclub@gmail.com to learn more of the club’s activities and receive a copy of this year’s planned speakers and social events.

Milford Haven Probus Club was formed in 1984 by founder President E Gough. The club provides an opportunity for its members to keep active mentally and physically through a comprehensive programme of speakers and various social events and outings.