A man has been hailed a hero by animal lovers after he was caught on camera rescuing a sheep from a cliff.

Pictures of the dramatic event which unfolded on cliffs between Porthgain and Aberieddy were posted on the Facebook group Pembrokeshire – I love it! this afternoon, and the man praised for his brave actions.

The unknown man appears to scale the cliff unaided before approaching the animal and carrying it back up to firm ground where she happily scampered off into the grass.

Andrea Williams, who posted the pictures, wrote: “During our walk from Porthgain to Aberiddy - We were spectators to an amazing act of human kindness today ..... there were definitely some hand in mouth moments..... ! The sheep I think was thankful, she appeared to co-operate but once released just trotted off' none the worse for her experience.

“Well done that man!”

Broad Haven coastguard warned against similar actions, stating on social media: “We take nothing away from what this chap has chosen to do, however it could have ended so differently.

"Putting yourself in danger is never a good idea.

"The RSPCA were aware and were on route to enact the rescue safely.

"If you’re on the coast and see anyone/anything in difficulty PLEASE call the Coastguard who can task a team of highly trained personnel to perform a rescue safely for all concerned.”