A NATIONAL campaign to raise awareness of horses and riders using roads is asking drivers to “Pass Wide and Slow” (PWAS).

The national organisation is campaigning for equine road safety with support from Temporary Inspector Reuben Palin and rural crime team member PCSO Jude Parr, together with Stephen Crabb MP this year.

PWAS rides are taking place at around 60 locations across the country on Sunday, April 14, to highlight equine vulnerability, and promote the PWAS petition for a change in the law to protect horses and their riders on the roads.

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“There are a large number of horse riders in Pembrokeshire, and they have a right to use the road in this beautiful county,” said Temporary Inspector Reuben Palin from Dyfed-Powys Police.

“Motorists need to understand the vulnerability of riders and horses, and cyclists, and should behave courteously towards them at all times,” he added.

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The guidance says cars should go no faster than 15mph and no closer than two metres, and only pass when it is safe to do so.

Rather than riding from a single location this year, horse riders are invited to join and support PWAS across Pembrokeshire, riding in their own area on Sunday at 11am.

An organised group will be riding through Narberth and a second group will leave Brunel Quay and ride through Neyland.

Approximately 80 riders are hoped to be participating throughout Pembrokeshire.

Penny Joubert and her sister Jane Howell have been involved with the campaign for three years and feel that horses on the roads are still misunderstood.

Penny said: “Maybe people are still unaware of the danger to themselves and to riders, and hopefully the rides will help to raise awareness and make drivers more interested in how to pass safely and without incident.”

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Pictures from last year's horse ride for Pass Wide and Slow through Neyland

Preseli Pembrokeshire MP Stephen Crabb, who has long supported this campaign, said: “The safety of all road users is paramount. Simply slowing down and giving plenty of room when passing horse riders or cyclists can dramatically lower the number of accidents on our roads.

“So far more than 140,000 people have signed the national petition calling for a change in the law to require motorists to pass horse riders wide and slowly. I’m thankful to Penny Joubert for continuing to champion this important issue and I will continue to back this campaign in Parliament.”

A PWAS petition to allow horses to use government-funded off road tracks can be found here.