More and more of our rubbish will be recycled come the autumn as a date for changes to waste collection is confirmed.

From October 14 curbside recycling sort and three weekly black bag collection will be rolled out to 61,000 homes in Pembrokeshire.

A further 4,000 homes require “bespoke infrastructure changes and intensive education and behaviour change campaigns to support the service change.”

Cllr Joshua Beynon updated members of the policy and pre-decision overview and scrutiny committee on the progress of a waste working group on Tuesday, March 19.

He said residents will be able to recycle more – with pots, tetra packs, tubs and possibly take-away cups added to the list of recyclables – and that was the most important reason for the change.

“I know our hand’s been forced by the Welsh Government but it is a positive in the fact that you can recycle more and do more,” he said, adding that there were big fines being introduced if recycling targets are not met.

Food, glass, card and tins will be collected weekly, absorbent waste fortnightly, and black bags every three weeks.

Cllr Michelle Bateman added: “I think there’s a focus on the three-weekly part but that’s not what it’s about, it will allow people to recycle more than they currently do.

“They’ll be able to recycle so much of their waste, and if they do that properly, with an enhanced service, they won’t have an issue with having so much rubbish left.”

Twenty-seven new waste vehicles will be bought and 20 new jobs will be created but money will still be saved, said Richard Brown, head of environmental services and public protection.

A communications strategy will be prepared ahead of the implementation and more consideration is to be given to the issue of waste and recycling from holiday lets.