PLANS to transform one of Pembrokeshire’s most iconic military buildings into a rehabilitation camp for veterans has been given the thumbs-up from its owners.

The proposed new £2m transition centre based at Hubberston Fort in Milford Haven would be the first of its kind in the world, developed by veterans for veterans, to support them in their transition from military to civilian life.

Camp Valour, a community interest company, has announced that, following negotiations with the Port of Milford Haven, the current owners of Hubberston Fort, it intends to carefully restore the 19th century fortification.

Camp Valour aims to provide safe, secure accommodation to veterans, advice on benefits and housing, access to health services and employment skills, to ease their transition back into non-Forces life.

It will be “a haven of normality and comradeship” that allows veteran to gain support from relevant services, says Camp Valour.

Speaking about the agreement, Nicola, Camp Valour’s chief operations officer said: “ We are delighted to have this opportunity, to provide a home for our veterans, it is all the more satisfying to be able to have that home in such a historical military building such as Fort Hubberston; to us Fort Hubberston has stood guarding Milford Haven for over 150 years and is essentially a ‘Veteran’ in its own right.

“The project is a huge undertaking but one that we hope will benefit the entire community of Milford Haven, as well as ultimately providing a home for our Armed forces veterans who have served our nation so courageously throughout the years and continue to do so to this day.”

Clare Stowell, director of property and tourism at the Port of Milford Haven, said: "Hubberston Fort in Milford Haven is an incredibly important and wonderful historical monument. We have always firmly believed that a carefully considered plan was needed to ensure it has a suitable, safe and sustainable future and welcomed ideas on how to give it a new lease of life for future generations.

“The task ahead cannot be underestimated but they have a fantastic vision, a team with the passion and drive needed to make the project happen, and lots of supporters. We wish them every success.”