Casualty will be returning to our TV screens after a three-month break before the end of the year.

The medical drama took its usual rest to make way for new BBC shows this autumn such as Strictly Come Dancing and Survivor.

The show’s producer Jon Sen announced he was leaving the show at the end of 2023 but before that, he revealed there would be a “really exciting storyline.”

According to Digital Spy, he said: “So, my final episodes will go out in 2024, and we come back on towards the end of the year with a really exciting storyline, which involves Stevie grappling with the PTSD she feels from her upbringing and that dovetails perfectly with an ongoing issue with the hospital.

"So, it's a really exciting story that we're telling over the next, kind of, three months and that comes back towards the end of the year."

When is Casualty back on TV in 2023?

The BBC’s recent schedule confirmation revealed Casualty will return to BBC One from Saturday, December 30 at 9.15pm.

The welcomed news comes as the BBC recently said there will be a reduction in episodes going forward compared to previous series.

A spokesman said: "Our priority is always delivering quality over hours, and due to super inflation in drama production, we've taken the decision to slightly reduce the number of episodes per year in order to maintain the quality on screen for audiences.

“We've received no complaints from cast and crew, and it will be back on air later this year."

Watch the Casualty winter trailer for 2023

Doctor Zoe Hanna, played by Sunetra Sarker will be making a special return, whilst viewers can expect the arrival of some new medical staff.

Another recent Casualty exit includes the likes of Nigel Harman who had to withdraw from Strictly last weekend (December 2) due to a rib injury.

The actor played the role of Dr Max Cristie for around a year and confirmed his departure back in September.

He told Digital Spy: “I left Casualty at the beginning of August. I finished my last scene on Monday, [then I] was here on Friday.

“I’m on screen until the end of February, and [I have] no plans to return at the moment. Basically, I can dedicate my life to sweating and feeling anxious.”

Commenting on what the future has in store for Dr Max, Casualty said: "Time is running out for Max (Nigel Harman) as he faces kidney failure.

"But when offered a lifeline by Jodie (Anna Chell) he must decide whether he’s ready to accept her help in order to survive."