I am deeply disappointed and shocked that despite widespread public moral outrage, which prompted a Judicial Review into its legitimacy, the proposed badger ‘cull’ of thousand of innocent and beautiful animals, is due to go ahead in Pembrokeshire, any moment now.

This cruel and senseless massacre is founded on bad science; since bovine TB is passed through bodily fluid, the over – crowding and free movement of animals during transportation and market following the foot and mouth epidemic is the more likely major source of contamination, rather than the scapegoated badger. The proposed widespread cull could also prove counter – prductive; as any infected badgers fleeing the cull area in terror could carry the infection further afield, potentially increasing the incidence of the disease.

This widespread cull is ruthless and reactionary and makes me ashamed to be half Welsh. In England, they have adopted a more rational, moral, compassionate and humane approach. Following extensive scientific research and advice, the Government has chosen to develop and implement a programme of vaccination. This will involve testing badgers and vaccinating if necessary.

In pursuing this barbaric and incomprehensible cull, Wales does little to enhance its worldwide reputation and will be perceived as a backward and un enlightened country. This will inevitably have a negative impact on the international reputation of Wales and ultimately on tourism. There are already proposals to boycott Welsh produce.

The Welsh Assembly must abandon this cruel and destructive course of action and listen to the voice of reason, science and above all compassion.

Rebecca Planton, New Quay.