"Don’t make it is easy for thieves this Christmas" is the message being given out by Dyfed Powys Police in the run up to the festive season.

"Don’t gift wrap Christmas for criminals this year – they are your presents, protect them.

"At this time of year people go shopping and sometimes leave what they have bought in full view on the back seats of their car while it is parked in a car park. Or they put wrapped presents underneath Christmas tree’s in their homes in full view of people walking past in the street, said Assistant Chief Constable Nick Ingram.

"These are easy targets for thieves. They know that there are likely to be high value goods in the bags or all wrapped up – don’t make it easy for them.

"Dyfed Powys is a safe area to live, but it is important not to get complacent.

"Also it is important to remember to register your valuables. A few years ago we encouraged people to post mark their property. This is the twenty first century equivalent. You can go online to immobilse.com and register your valuables.

"If the worst happens and you are burgled, and the police recover stolen items they will search the immobilise database and return the goods to the rightful owners."

To make sure you don’t become a target this Christmas you can follow a few simple steps:- ∑ Put all your shopping in the boot of your car, never on the back seat.

∑ Don’t bring some shopping back to your car, then go out again. As soon as you have shopping in your car, leave the car park.

∑ If you put presents under the tree make sure they can’t be seen by people walking past. If they can, close curtains the curtains when the lights are on.

∑ Keep external doors locked, even when you are home, but make sure you know where the keys are.

∑ If you are out during dark winter nights use a timer switch or leave a light on.

∑ After Christmas don’t stack empty boxes outside your home. Keep them indoors until the morning of your local refuse/recycling collection.

∑ Register all valuable property on immobilise.com. It is free and enables police to return any stolen items they recover to their owners.

For more information on registering your valuables visit www.immobilise.com