CARDIGAN town councillors have confirmed that a dilapidated bus shelter opposite the Ridgeway housing estate will be removed as there is no money available to repair it.

They have now asked Ceredigion Council to remove the shelter on learning from TrawsCymru that the bus service operators have no remit to install bus shelters.

Councillor Nick Bolton ruled out the possibility of the town council taking on the shelter themselves.

“We just don’t have the money in the current economic climate,” he said.

Town clerk Eleri Maskell confirmed she had asked the local authority to remove the shelter as it was unsafe.

Town councillors did agree to support a re-established play area by supplying a gate and clearing brambles.

The Pentop play area is being revitalised by CardiShed and local residents, overseen by Rhiannon Ling, Community Development Officer for West Wales Housing.

Councillor Olwen Davies was full of praise for the venture.

“The level of engagement up there is quite simply astounding,” she said.