A PAIR of Cardigan councillors have disagreed over whether or not ‘twenty is plenty’.

Cllrs John Adams-Lewis and Richard Davies clashed over whether the 20mph speed limit should be retained on the Gwbert Road heading down to Gwbert from Cardigan.

Cllr Davies questioned whether such a limit was necessary on such a relatively wide road and argued that the previous 30 mph limit was more appropriate.

“Do we really need a twenty from the Gwbert Road roundabout?” he asked colleagues. “This is a route regularly used by emergency vehicles plus it has a pavement on one side.”

However, Cllr Adams-Lewis insisted a 20 mph speed limit was essential at the location.

“I would disagree with you because a 20 mph speed limit will save lives there as well as down the Ferwig Road,” he told Cllr Davies.

“We’ve had complaints about speeding cars and tractors coming down that road.”

However, Cllr Davies replied that tractors were limited to a speed of 25 mph in any case. “I drive one every day,” he told Cllr Adams-Lewis, to which the veteran councillor retorted: “I’ve driven tractors too.

“There are pavements down both sides of Aberystwyth Road and that has a 20 mph speed limit as well,” he added.

Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh observed: “The only people I see speeding down Ferwig Road are the cyclists who overtake my van!”

They made their comments during a general discussion on a survey by the ‘20’s Plenty For Us’ lobby group who believe lower speed limits make certain areas better places to live.

Town clerk Eleri Maskell told members the consultation period ended this week.

Cllr Catrin Miles, who had previously claimed vehicles were driving past Yr Hafod care home at ‘unacceptable’ speeds, repeated her call for ‘repeater’ signs at Maeshenffordd.

“Maeshenffordd has 20 mph signs at each end, but nothing in between and drivers are us-ing it as a fast alternative to Aberystwyth Road,” she said.

It was agreed that councillors would respond individually to the consultation.