TikTok users have jumped on a new trend that sees coffee drinkers find a way to get one of their five a day easily.

The ‘Scallion coffee’ encourages drinkers to add a handful of spring onions to the beverage to help balance a sweet and bitter taste with the added crunch texture.

Emerging from China, the trend has taken TikTok by storm with one popular coffee-based page sharing a recipe and trying out the drink for themselves.

@goldenbrown.coffee We’re trying to viral spring onion coffee to see if it’s worth the hype 😅 #springonion #springonioncoffee #greenonioncoffee #icedlatte #viraldrinks ♬ original sound - Golden Brown Coffee

What is the TikTok Scallion Coffee trend?

Australian and USA coffee brewers, Golden Brown Coffee shared the recipe for the Scallion Coffee, explaining: “This is a viral drink that came straight out of China. So, of course, yours truly has to taste it. Start by chipping just the green parts of a fresh spring onion.

"Then just make an iced latte how you would with ice, milk and of course, some espresso. Then we have to heavily garnish our drink with spring onion."

The TikTok user then stirred the drink, allowing the taste of the spring onion to mix with the coffee before the creator took a sip: “You can't even fake any redeeming qualities. That is horrific. Coffee down!"

Viewers of the TikTok were quick to share their opinions as one said: “Well I love green onions but this is too much.”

Another added: “Coffee becomes weirder and weirder these days!”


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Despite sounding like an old drink to many coffee fans, the Scallion Coffee is reported to be part of the ‘dark cuisine’ trend according to Yahoo! Taiwan.

They share that the ‘dark cuisine’ trend encourages people to try recipes that put sense to the test, from using spring onions in coffee to adding a dash of soy sauce.

One café owner in Xiamen has even shared how some customers would dip beef balls into drinks, sharing to Yahoo! Taiwan: “When eating, you can first dip the beef balls into the top part of the sand tea milk cover, and then you can move around in circles after eating.”