More than 1,000 young people in Ceredigion have benefitted from a scheme creating Welsh work opportunities.

The Welsh Government's Small Grants Scheme has aimed to enhance Welsh-Medium Youth Work opportunities for ages between 11 and 25.

The Wales Interim Youth Work Board’s report in September 2021 recommended improving the youth work offer in Wales.

Following this, local authorities received additional funding from the Welsh Government through the Youth Support Grant.

For the second consecutive year in August 2023, youth groups in Ceredigion were invited to apply for up to £20,000 in funding through the Small Grants Scheme.

This funding was to be dedicated to establishing additional Welsh-medium youth work activities for 2023-24.

11 bids were received for funding, totalling nearly £85,000, to offer high-quality Welsh language youth work provision in communities.

Ultimately, six applications were granted a total of £20,000 to support projects for enhancing Welsh-Medium youth work opportunities.

The successful scheme was evaluated showing that more than 1,000 young people accessed youth work provision through the medium of Welsh using this funding.

A beneficiary of the grant, Lleucu Meinir from Plethu in Llandysul, said: "The grant gave young people the opportunity to have hands-on, real experiences with professional artists.

"Holding these opportunities on young people’s doorsteps inspired some who would never have considered being a part of the theatre world to throw themselves into the experience."

Councillor Wyn Thomas expressed that this scheme has created incredible opportunities for young people in Ceredigion and aimed to empower them while promoting use of Welsh language and culture.