A new north Pembrokeshire initiative will offer farmers and food producers a chance to upskill as well as volunteering opportunities for the local community.

Hwb Dysgu'r Tir based in Tegryn near Crymych, is a new initiative led by Cwm Arian Renewable Energy which offers comprehensive training courses in sustainable land management as well as volunteering opportunities.

As a social enterprise it is dedicated to fostering sustainable land stewardship tailored to farmers, food producers, land managers, and rural communities in west Wales.

It offers courses with a unique opportunity for professional development and skills enhancement in sustainable land management practices, food production, natural crafts, and nature recovery.

Funding has been received to help establish the venture as a social enterprise, most notably from the UK Government's Shared Prosperity Fund.

“Amidst the growing urgency to address environmental challenges and build resilient communities, Hwb Dysgu'r Tir is committed to empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to adapt, build capacity and reconnect with the land,” said a spokesperson for Cwm Arian.

The initiative is set on a two-acre site in Tegryn, which will be the main base for courses, workshops and volunteer opportunities.

The site is in the process of being developed as a demonstration site, with designated areas for agroecological land practices, food production as well as an area which will include a dye garden and willow coppice.

There are weekly Clwb Hwb volunteer sessions on Tuesday afternoons from 1.30pm-4.30pm with a welcome to anyone to drop in and get their hands dirty.

Sessions are led by experienced Hwb staff member Caz Wyatt. Volunteers that attend Clwb Hwb regularly are also offered discounted places where available on courses and workshops.

"Our goal is to provide practical, actionable training that empowers individuals to re-connect with the land and implement regenerative land management practices on large and small scale operations," said Hwb team member Sophie Jenkins.

"By fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaboration, we can drive positive change at a grassroots level."

Upcoming courses over the next few months include: a three part Fertile Ground series with Peni Ediker exploring biochar, compost and biofertilsers; Welsh only and bilingual workshops with Welsh gardening star Adam Jones "Adam yn yr Ardd" including no dig gardening and companion planting; Agroforestry workshop held bilingually; Land Surveing tools; Weatherproofing your Farm with well-known agri-consultant Niels Corfield; and natural arts and crafts with natural cordage making and botanical inks.

For more information about Hwb Dysgu'r Tir and the training courses, visit cwmarian.org.uk/hwb and social media, or contact hwb@cwmarian.org.uk.