A Ceredigion woman has found a new job thanks to a careers service.

Kimberly, 23, was able to secure work in her area thanks to the support provided by Ceredigion’s employability support services.

In 2023, Kimberly connected with the Local Supported Employment (LSE) scheme, led by Ceredigion Employability Support.

She began working closely with an employability mentor called Misha.

Considering Kimberly’s past experience in seasonal cleaning work, Misha identified her desire to continue in this industry.

However, due to Kimberly's struggle with anxiety, depression, and ADHD, she needed assistance during the interviewing and communication process with potential employers.

Misha provided extensive support to Kimberly by discussing prospective employers, ideal working environments, and her desired weekly working hours.

Furthermore, with help from Ceredigion County Council’s Employment Support Team, a plan was enacted and Misha started engaging with potential employers.

Kimberly soon had a productive conversation with Aberaeron-based cleaning company, "50 Shades of Clean".

Following several trial shifts, Kimberly was welcomed as a valuable team member.

A mobile phone was provided to her for easy communication with her employer, mentor and friends.

Thanks to the career aid, Kimberly now works up to two days a week, which helps her grow in confidence and acquire new skills.

Kimberly said: "It was a very steady approach to becoming employed.

"My mentor explained everything to me really well and I felt comfortable making the journeys to meet her, because she made everything seem doable.

"It was important that I was able to earn money, maintain a sense of structure in my weekly routine and develop some social skills."

Misha said: "It was evident that as an employer, 50 Shades of Clean are empathetic and understanding towards disability and inclusivity within the workplace, and have shown active ways of working with Kimberly.

"They have been supportive in giving Kimberly time to get used to the job and its demands, and making reasonable adjustments where necessary, such as helping her with time management."

Adding to the success of the scheme, Kimberly’s employer, Stephanie, said: "Collaboratively, this project has worked really well.

"Having Misha involved has not only helped Kimberly, but it has also helped me.

"The experience has been smooth and helpful, and things couldn’t have been easier.

"I appreciate having an LSE mentor involved who can act as the in-between when needed."

Ceredigion residents requiring support can reach Ceredigion County Council's Employability Support Team through the LSE scheme.

For more details about the services provided in Ceredigion, they can be contacted at TCC-EST@ceredigion.gov.uk or on 01970 633422, and followed on their social media channels.

The project, funded by the Department for Work and Pensions, caters to individuals above 16 with learning disabilities or autism, facilitating them in finding sustainable employment.