The Elan Valley Lakes project has been approved.

This significant step forward occurred on April 19, during a meeting of the Growing Mid Wales Board.

The go-ahead marks an essential milestone for the Growth Deal, when the project became the first under the board's consent to move to the next stage.

The project is now primed to progress towards a comprehensive Full Business Case (FBC), the final crucial step required to secure Growth Deal funding before implementation.

Reflecting on the development, Martin Driscoll, senior responsible owner for the Elan Valley Lakes project said: "We are pleased that the project has reached such an important stage as we aspire to deliver a flagship destination in Mid Wales."

He further highlighted the potential impact, stating, "This project aims to enhance visitor experience, increase revenue, and sustain the natural beauty and environment of the Elan Valley.

"We look forward to continuing to work with the Mid Wales Growth Deal team to make this happen."

A spokesperson for the Growing Mid Wales Board also reiterated the board's commitment to the venture.

"We were pleased to approve the Outline Business Case for this project at our board recently."

The representative emphasised: "There is a lot of work to do with Dŵr Cymru on the project, and we will do what we can to see the Growth Deal investment leveraged to its full potential and attract investment into the region to enhance and improve our tourism offer."

When it comes to the ripple effect this project could have, the spokesperson elaborated: "The creation of new facilities and assets will help draw in more varied visitors to Mid Wales; creating jobs directly – but also in the wider visitor economy, giving more reasons for people to visit and stay in Mid Wales, supporting a greater variety of jobs in the leisure, retail, and hospitality industry in the region."

Upon reaching the Full Business Case stage, the Elan Valley Lakes project will need to demonstrate readiness for procurement.

This action follows rigorous negotiations with potential service providers and precedes official contract signing and procurement of goods and services.

Final approval at this stage is vital to unlock Growth Deal funding.

Despite the current approval, it should be noted that progression at this phase does not ensure that Growth Deal funding will be awarded.

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