Wales Women's rugby team will be using new concussion data in the Vodafone Connect app.

Thanks to a new feature in the app, players' concussion and menstrual cycle data can now be viewed and analysed together.

This is expected to help better understand the impact of hormones on the incidence and severity of concussion, a common injury in rugby.

Research has suggested that female athletes may experience more frequent and severe symptoms than males with hormone variation during the menstrual cycle being a key factor.

Head physiotherapist for Wales Women, Joanna Perkins said: "Vodafone PLAYER.Connect gives us real time information on our athletes and their symptoms," noting this leads to more effective interventions and trend spotting.

The app's concussion module uses the SCAT5 protocol, used widely for symptom evaluation.

Hannah Jones, the team captain, called the monitoring system "amazing," revealing that it aids in managing their health and wellbeing.

Meanwhile, Vodafone's performance consultant, John Mulcahy, lauded the app as "a major step forward in ensuring the wellbeing" of female athletes.

Vodafone continues to work alongside Cardiff Metropolitan University to study the impact of concussion and the menstrual cycle, hoping to provide more comprehensive insights that benefit all female athletes.