Swimmers from Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion were among an 80-strong team of Bluetit Chill Swimmers to make a splash at a world championship winter swimming event in Estonia.

Last month, a group of 80 adventurous Bluetits journeyed to Tallin to brave the icy waters of the International Winter Swimming Association's World Championship event.

Despite not being predominantly competitive swimmers, the Global Bluetit Swim Team, took on the challenge of swimming alongside world class ice swimmers, clad in just their cossies in temperatures of just one degree centigrade.

“For the Bluetits, the opportunity to participate in such a prestigious event was a big deal,” said Bluetits founder Sian Richardson who hails from just outside St Davids.

“Many of them were nervous, not aiming to win but rather to push their limits and see what they were capable of achieving.”

With competitors hailing from 42 countries around the globe, the atmosphere at the championships was electric as the swimmers prepared to plunge into the bone-chilling waters.

Even the sight on the ice on the water each morning didn't dampen the spirits of the Bluetits, who eagerly lent a helping hand to clear the swim area for the day's events.

Even though they weren’t there for the medals, the Bluetits returned home with four gold, two silver and one bronze swimming medal as well as an impressive 20 silver medals for their end of event show performance.

They also took part in the world record breaking attempt for the most swimmers to ever to take part in a swim relay, with the majority of the Bluetits completing their 25meter length between 10pm and midnight while snow fell on the water.

One highlight of their trip was an invitation from UK ambassador, Ross Allen, to tea at the British Embassy in Tallin.

Mr Allen graciously wore the Global Bluetit team robe and hat to address all the Bluetits at the embassy and later on in the week met the team again when he participated in the world relay record breaking attempt.

“In the chilly waters of Tallin, Estonia, the Bluetit Chill Swimmers proved that they are a force to be reckoned with at the Winter Championships,” said Sian.

“With unity and unwavering support, this remarkable team conquered the freezing water and emerged victorious.

“As they stood on the podium, lined the event quayside cheering not only their team members, but all swimmers from around the world, their smiles and cheers were a testament to the power of community and camaraderie.

With the love and encouragement of their teammates, they achieved feats they never thought possible, and showed that when you have a group of people who believe in you, there is no limit to what can be accomplished.

"It was a testament to all that with the warmth of friendship and kindness, conquering any challenge that comes our way is possible.”

The Bluetits Chill Swimmers now has 120,000 members all around the world. More information about The Bluetits can be found on their website www.thebluetits.co.