A petition, calling for Ceredigion County Council to stop the potential closure of one of the county’s four recycling centres, has been launched, attracting nearly 900 signatures to date.

One of Ceredigion’s four household waste sites could close as part of a long list of cost-saving measures backed as the county council set its budget late last month.

One of the cost-saving measures included in a budget which saw an 11.1 per cent council tax rise was a proposed review of opening hours, and the potential closure of one site be undertaken, for an expected cost saving of £100,000.

The four sites in county are: Aberystwyth (Glanyrafon), Lampeter, Llanarth (Rhydeinon), and Cardigan (Cilmaenllwyd).

The actual waste recycling centre under potential threat is not yet known, despite a call for it to be named at the February 29 budget meeting, but many fear the Llanarth site will be the one targeted.

The change.org petition, ‘Stop the Closure of Llanarth Recycling Centre by the Council,’ by Llanarth resident Suzanne Charlesworth reads: “The importance of recycling centres in rural communities cannot be overstated.

“They offer a reliable solution for waste disposal, reducing instances of fly-tipping which pose severe threats to wildlife and the environment while also costing councils significant amounts to clear up.

“In Llanarth, council collections have been reduced to once a month for household waste in most instances. This makes our local recycling centre even more essential as it remains the only viable option for waste disposal in our area. The nearest alternative is a 40-minute drive away - an impractical solution for many residents.

“The decision to close this vital facility should not be taken lightly or without consultation with those who will feel its loss most acutely – us, the residents of Llanarth and the surrounding area.

“We believe that public awareness and input are crucial when making decisions that will impact so many lives and livelihoods.

“We urge you to reconsider this closure and instead engage with us in meaningful dialogue about how we can continue supporting sustainable living practices within our community while also meeting budgetary needs.”

The potential recycling centre closure was one of 70 cost-cutting measures accompanying the proposed budget for 2024-’25, described as “Ceredigion County Council’s starkest budget yet,” with “incredibly difficult and unpalatable budget choices”.